Monday, March 16, 2015

10 Uses and Benefits of Petroleum Jelly

We know that petroleum jelly is a versatile product. So we bring you 10 benefits of petroleum jelly that you should know.

  1. Split ends: Split ends is a common hair problem. You can get rid of this hair problem by applying petroleum jelly on the hair ends. Leave for sometime and then rinse with cold water. Do it till your next visit to the salon. 
  2. Glossy lipstick: Lip gloss has the shiny effect. However, most of the women are used to applying lipsticks as they are available in different colours. If you want to add that glossy glow to the matte lipstick, apply little petroleum jelly on your lips before greasing with lipstick. This will make it appear glossy and also prevent the lips from becoming dry. This makeup tip also prevents the lipstick from sticking to the teeth. 
  3. Soften nails: Nails chap and peel off easily. This is basically due to lack of calcium in the body. However, most of the times nails peel off when you do some laborious work. So, if you want to soften the nails, make it appear shiny and prevent chapped nails, then apply petroleum jelly on the ends of the nails and also on the cuticles. 
  4. Cracked feet: The feet are always dry so we need to moisturise it every day to keep it soft and clean. If you have cracked feet then you can benefit with this beauty product. Apply petroleum jelly on the feet and wear socks before going to bed. 
  5. Body scrub: Mix petroleum jelly with sugar and apply on the body. This scrub will remove dead skin cells, cleanse, exfoliate and keep the skin moisturised. 
  6. Makeup remover: Applying makeup is not that tricky. However, it is very difficult to remove makeup. Apply petroleum jelly on the face and then wipe off with a clean cotton ball. You can also remove eye makeup easily by using petroleum jelly, the beauty product. 
  7. Scent all the time: Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly on the underarms before spraying perfume. This makes your scent last longer. 
  8. White and soft elbows: Lack of moisture and dryness makes your elbows appear dry and rough. Moreover, the skin on elbows can be turned white by massaging with petroleum jelly. 
  9. Grow eyelashes: Apply petroleum jelly on the lashes every night before going to bed. In a few weeks you can see the difference. Eyelashes thicken and also become curvy. These are few beauty uses of petroleum jelly. Did you know them?



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